Law Office of Emanuel Mouganis

We recognize that a law firm’s essential function is to provide a service to the client. We take pride in doing this. We take the time to become fully familiar with not only a client’s particular legal issue, but also with the circumstances and background of the client. In this way, we can approach legal solutions from the personal perspective of each client.

Our attorney and staff return all phone calls, e-mail and correspondence promptly and clients are routinely provided with copies of relevant documents so that they can effectively confer with the lawyer assigned to their case.

We continually attend legal education programs, seminars, and conferences in order to remain up to date on changes to the legal codes that may affect our clients.

Because our firm has been in existence for a long period of time, we have established strong relationships with members of the Western New York legal, business and government community. We are able to put these relationships to work for our clients in order to achieve the best possible results.

The primary focus of the Law Office of Emanuel N. Mouganis is litigation. We practice in all of the state and federal courts in New York State. We have a strong concentration in the area of serious personal injury. In our many years of practice, we have obtained numerous settlements and verdicts for clients who have suffered serious personal injury in motor vehicle, construction, products liability and other types of accidents. We have developed expertise in not only the litigation of serious personal injury cases but we also utilize alternative methods of obtaining just compensation including mediation, settlements, arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  In the criminal defense field, we have represented numerous people who have been charged with serious crimes on all levels of state and federal court.  Emanuel N. Mouganis’ major cases have been covered on WHAM and YNN News, and many other newspapers throughout the state.

In addition to our work on behalf of clients, Emanuel N. Mouganis, Esq., and staff in our office are all involved in a rich mix of community activities including holding seats on the boards of educational, charitable and community organizations as well as supporting youth programs and health awareness activities. Emanuel N. Mouganis, Esq., is a proud native of Western New York who, in addition to a sense of justice, has a strong sense of community.