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A Felony is usually defined as a “very serious” crime, a misdemeanor is considered to be less serious. Aggravated assault, arson, and burglary  are considered to be felonies.

A felony is defined as crimes that carry a penalty of more than one year in prison. In New York, felonies are divided by graduations such as class A, class B, class C, class C, and class E felonies. The class A felony is the most severe and as you go down the alphabet the felonies become less severe. For some felony charges you can be sentenced to life in prison. For other felony charges you can be given anywhere from one year to twenty years in prison.

Our firm provides aggressive felony defense representation from pre-arrest investigations, and through trial and even appeals if necessary. We work closely with our clients to make sure they understand their charges and all legal options that are available to them. Together, we decide the best course of action and then develop the aggressive defense needed to obtain the best possible outcome.

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