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Mail fraud is a scheme which attempts to unlawfully obtain money or valuables in which the mails are used at any point in the commission of a criminal offense. As a rule, mail fraud has 2 elements. These are a scheme devised or intending to defraud or for obtaining property or money by means of fraud, and also using the mail in furtherance of that fraudulent scheme. The “scheme to defraud” element of mail fraud is broad. It accomplishes various criminal activities. The last include credit card fraud, medical drug fraud, securities fraud, etc. Mail fraud is one of the most common charges brought by federal prosecutors as the mail fraud statute uses such broad language and because it is relatively easy to prove.

Prosecution under the mail fraud statute must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt: 1.That this is a false statement; 2.That this statement was made with the intention it should be relied on; 3.That it was made in order to secure money or property; 4.That it was delivered by mail; etc.

The Postal Inspection Service of the U.S. is responsible for investigating mail fraud schemes. If you are the victim of mail fraud you need to file a report with this government agency. In case you decide on filing a report, you need to speak to a qualified and experienced mail fraud attorney who can give you legal advice and options and help you build a strong case. For more information on mail fraud cases, please contact the Law Office of Emanuel N. Mouganis.

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