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At the Law Office of Emanuel N. Mouganis, we represent people charged with drug crimes, including young adults such as college students. We can provide you with effective criminal defense in matters involving both less severe and more serious drug offenses. We deal with drug charges that cover a broad range of offenses such as simple possession of a small amount of certain drugs (including possession of an illegal substance such as marijuana or cocaine, as well as heroin or other narcotics), participation in an ongoing drug-related criminal enterprise or manufacturing (including manufacturing methamphetamines also called crystal meth labs) and distributing drugs.

If you find yourself facing drug-related charges, you need a skilled, experienced attorney with expertise in drug crimes. We can investigate your case from top to bottom and we search for weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and we fight to have improper evidence suppressed and your charge reduced or dismissed.

Additionally, we can try to negotiate alternatives to jail time and can try to convince the prosecutor to replace your jail sentence with a treatment program, such as an inpatient hospital program.

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If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug offense and are in need of a criminal defense lawyer in the Greater Rochester Area of New York, contact the Law Office of Emanuel N. Mouganis. We can guarantee you experienced, knowledgeable and reliable defense.